Headaches After a Car Accident


If you were in an accident in or around Pensacola and as a result, you are suffering from headaches, finding quality care becomes important. Our auto accident chiropractor at Bayou Chiropractic provides safe, painless, and effective headache treatment for auto accident injury victims. Let's look at some information about headaches after an auto accident and how Dr. Mills can help.

Common Causes of Headaches After an Auto Accident

There are several reasons why an auto accident victim might suffer from headaches after a crash. The severity of an auto accident victim's headaches can be directly proportional to the magnitude of the impact that he or she endured. In some cases, the victim hits his or her head against part of the interior of the car. The deployment of an airbag is also likely to cause trauma to a driver or passenger's head. Whiplash is another injury that often causes auto accident victims to suffer from headaches. Although whiplash is primarily a neck injury, the pain from the injury will radiate into the victim's head.

Our Auto Accident Chiropractor has Specialized Training

Whatever the cause, accident victims who suffer from headaches after a crash should be examined and treated as soon as possible. Our chiropractor at Bayou Chiropractic in Pensacola has been specially trained and certified in whiplash injuries, biomechanics, and traumatology.

Treatment at Bayou Chiropractic

After an impact from an auto accident, a person's spine can become misaligned. That puts pressure on the vertebrae and spinal nerves. Muscles then go into spasm as a result of this misalignment. Medications only treat the symptoms of the injury and not the source.

After an examination by our chiropractor, the source of your post-accident headaches will be identified, and a treatment plan will be created. With painless and gentle chiropractic treatment and additional therapies, Dr. Mills can realign the affected spinal vertebrae and relieve the pressure on the spinal discs and nerves.

Contact Our Auto Accident Chiropractor

If you are suffering from headaches after an auto accident, they are probably going to persist or even get worse without appropriate care and treatment. Contact Bayou Chiropractic in Pensacola for effective and painless headache relief. We provide natural, effective relief for headaches and a variety of health conditions. Call our team today at (850) 476-1887 to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.